2008 The Year of Changes

I had this feeling that 2008 was going to be a great year for me, or at least an exciting one. Although we’re only 3 months into the new year, already so many changes have occurred. One of the most prominent changes would be my living situation. The new roommate was hard to get used to at first, but the more time I spent at the new place, the more I’ve grown to really love it. I have a roommate who isn’t home much, and when she is, we talk, or we watch tv and movies together, sometimes do dinner. I also have a nice two bedroom place to myself the majority of the time, which has a lot of perks. The hot tub is a  huge plus, and I cannot wait until it’s warm enough to test out the pool.

Another huge change is my romantic life. I’m single once again, but for the first time in a long time, I’m happy about it. I do love UG, I probably always will. But I have realized that I fall in love with a person’s potential, and no amount of love I give, or encouragement or support is ever going to make that person change. They have to have the drive and ambition to do it on their own. I’m learning to be a bit more picky, and a bit more reserved. I’m a heart on my sleeve type of girl, and I tend to just give my heart away without a second thought. I always want to skip the dating stage and head straight to comfy sweatpants, when shouldn’t I be enjoying the beginning? Isn’t the first three months when you’re just learning about someone? Why commit to that person completely before you even know how they like their eggs?

Professionally, 2008 has been amazing. I am learning more and more about the technical world and the longer I’m at my job, the more I love it. I love coming to work in the morning, and I love what I do. They treat me so well, and I couldn’t ask for a better situation.

I’ve been spending a lot of time with friends, both old and new. I’m developing my friendships, and having a lot of fun in the process. I’ve starting going to a regular potluck Thursday, and Reality Check and I are training for a 10K. I love going on our runs, where we probably talk more than actually work out. It’s the thought that counts right?

So here’s to 2008. It has and will continue to have its ups and downs. But I have a feeling that this is my year, and big things are happening. Here’s to riding the wave.

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