The Bunny


I recently read this article about the 10 types of friends you should have. One of them was the bunny: The Bunny is a friend who thinks and behaves in generally the opposite way to you – she is, for example, happy to pander to men if she thinks it will benefit her in the long run, she flirts outrageously, exaggerates diabolically and she has a tendency to wear the sort of necklines that could get you arrested in certain countries. You are often driven mad by The Bunny’s approach to life, but you also have to
admit to finding her company refreshing and it’s a relief to be exposed to someone else’s rules for a while. Spending time with The Bunny is like taking a holiday from being you. Naturally she knows this and tends to play up to it. This describes my roommate to a T. Unfortunately, that often driven mad quality has been at full force as of late. I don’t think she realizes how rude she can come across sometimes. Today she criticized my dog, which is basically criticizing my parenting skills. I was so livid, but what can I say? I am legally bound to this person for another ten plus months and I have to make the best of it. It’s not always bad; she is a nice person and we have fun together. We have fun the way normal friends do though, and we definitely lack that closeness some roommates share. I have to look at this as a business arrangement instead of a stand in family. Just because I’m craving the family life doesn’t mean I’m going to get it from her.

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