Family Weekend

This past three day weekend I got to spend a lot of time with my family. I was especially excited to see my baby nephew, who is quite the little peanut.

He’s a little miracle in so many ways. When he was born he was really premature and spent a few weeks in the hospital. Now he’s a big happy healthy boy. The other miracle is how he’s affected my brother, his father’s, life. Before my brother met his wife, he was heavy into drugs and hanging out with a bad crowd. Then he went to a drug treatment center and got clean. It’s also where he met his wife and through recovery they fell in love. Then they found out they were having my baby nephew and my brother has lived every moment for that little man. It’s amazing to see the way he is with his son. I couldn’t be prouder of the father my brother has become to that little boy. I just wish I could see them more!

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