Schizophrenic Weather and Working Out

We’ve been having some crazy schizophrenic weather lately. Just a few days ago the weather was unbearably hot. It was in the triple digits on Thursday! And now today it’s windy and slightly drizzling. It is making it difficult to figure out when to do my running for team in training. I’m getting frustrated with my apartment because I can’t just take nightly jogs around the complex because they have little to no outdoor lighting and it’s not safe. It’s frustrating because I don’t have a running buddy all the time and I could really use one.

It was too hot to go running last week, even at night, so I ended up doing laps in the pool. The pool is fun, but I find that I’m way more out of shape in the pool than I am running. Funny how for as tired as I get in the pool, I don’t seem sore like I get when I run. Why is that? It feels like my heart is working twice as hard but the results aren’t as noticeable. I think I need swim lessons or something because I end up splashing around and gasping for air. I look like I’m drowning or something, it’s pathetic. Anyone know of any hot guys that want to teach me to swim? 😉

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