Wishing and Hoping

My best friend EB and I love to talk about weddings. Sometimes we’ll both be watching the WE channel, and we love to watch that show, Rich Bride, Poor Bride, and we text each other about the dresses and get all girly. Neither of us is all that girly, but when it comes to weddings, we turn into giggly women. I can’t wait for the day when EB and I are picking out bridal shower invitations, and planning each other’s bachelorette parties! It’s nice to know I have a close enough girlfriend that will definitely be my maid of honor, and I’ll be hers. I never had a close girlfriend like that growing up, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve grown to really appreciate my girlfriends. One day we sat at EB’s house and just looked at wedding dresses. Just because we haven’t found our future husbands doesn’t mean we can’t indulge in a little wedding planning right?

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