California is Burning Down

The fires here in California are slowly killing me. It has put a huge snag in my workouts too. As some of you know, I’m training for my marathon with team in training and running has become a big problem. They’ve even canceled some of our training sessions and have told us all to stay indoors. And let me tell you, staying inside all day and all night is making me crazy. I’m not an inside person and it’s summer! I should be out using my pool floats and sunbathing instead of holing up inside trying to take in clean air. I want to go hiking and play outside on the beach. When I look outside it looks like the sky is overcast but it’s a thick layer of smoke. I don’t know how people live in polluted cities but I’m guessing its similar to this. Thank god the boy and I are going on a road trip to Oregon soon. Nothing like going home for some clean sea breeze to get the lungs right. Hopefully this smoke will clear out or Mom and Pops just might have a couple of temporary residents for the summer!

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