Camping Out

I just got home from a weekend camping out with my beau. We had a great time, and it was definitely a different kind of camping. It was different than traditional camping since we were camping out basically in a friend’s backyard and not out in an actual campsite. After the first night under the stars lying on a painfully hard deck, we opted for the tent on the much softer ground. It was fun, but it was nice to be back and under metal roofing again. I am definitely down to go camping again, but maybe this time to a real campsite where we can roast s’mores. Something about half camping where you still have to be around civilization makes things awkward. I became much more aware of the dirt under my fingernails when we ventured into town for the day. That and the way I smelled. Two things I wouldn’t care so much about on a camping trip. Also I think I minded because I was with the new beau and I’m still in that stage where I want to look my best. Kind of hard to do when you have dirt on your legs and you smell like sunscreen and sweat. Now doesn’t that paints a lovely picture? 😉

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