Vegas Baby

As you may have been able to tell, I went and got myself a new boyfriend. This one is pretty great; in just the two weeks we’ve been dating we’ve already done so much. We’ve been on tons of dates, we’ve already gone away together for a weekend of fun in Santa Cruz. He’s ambitious like me and loves to get out and do things. We were talking about where we’d like to go next on a trip and he mentioned Las Vegas. With the suffering economy, there just aren’t a lot of places we can afford to go. Fortunately las vegas hotels still remain inexpensive and flights are pretty cheap too when you plan it right. I’ve been to Las Vegas three times but every time was with family, and only once when I was old enough to gamble. I’m not a huge fan, but with the right person it might be fun. With the boy I could have a blast, I’m sure of it. We have fun doing the most basic things, like grocery shopping or playing scrabble while watching a movie. I think a weekend in Vegas could just be a big winner.

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