Whatever Happened to Romance?

Sometimes I think it would have been nice to be born in another era. I know times were hard and people were oppressed, but I’d love to live just a little ways back. When men wore gold cufflinks and women dressed in fancy dresses. People went on romantic dates as the norms, and gentlemen put their coats down on puddles for ladies. I don’t know why but that just paints a great picture in my mind.

Nowadays most men think it’s a romantic date if they take a girl out to a chain restaurant and pay. They show up in tee shirts and holey jeans and scruffy hair. Or there are the guys who don’t “believe” in dates, and prefer to just come over to a girl’s house and watch a movie. Whatever happened to romance? Come on guys, at least wear a button up shirt! When I have a son I’m going to teach him how to date a woman. I’m fortunate enough to have a few men in my life who know how to treat a lady, but they are a dying breed. I think it also doesn’t help that women don’t demand it. We just accept that this is the way life is now. I say NAY! Bring back the cufflinks!

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