A Virgo’s Night In

Tonight I got to Virgo-ize my house. The boy had to work late, so I had the house to myself. I was free to do what I call relaxing-clean and organize. I know, I think I’m completely insane too. So tonight I was able to do ab and butt crunches, print pictures for my living room frames, wash the dog, clean the bathroom, and organize my closet and dresser. I realized I am a pack rat when it comes to clothing. I hate shopping so I don’t like the idea of throwing anything away. I just keep it in the closet, and when I do eventually shop, I add to the mess or (admittedly color coordinated and arranged by cut and style) closet and then wonder why I have no room to put the clothes I actually wear. So I parted ways with some rather hideous articles of clothing.
I think for my next exciting evening in I plan on organizing my electronics. Lord knows as a techie I have far too many useless pieces of equipment that I don’t need.
I know my night sounds boring to most, but honestly it was a lot of fun, and just what I needed. Now I’m off to curl up in bed with a good book and some ice for my knee. Team in Training is still kicking my butt on a regular basis and I need to have a pain free knee for this weekend’s 8 mile run. Ugh.

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