Homeward Bound

Tonight I am loading up my lil pregnant rollerskate (Ford Focus) with 1 hyperactive dog, 1 highstrung parrot, 1 eager boyfriend and 1 Bdubs desperate for a vacation. I can’t WAIT to get out of dodge. We’re headed to my hometown in Oregon where my boyfriend will get to meet my family and see the place that I grew up. I hope he’s ready to jump into my world!
The problem with getting ready for vacation is that the work day is dragging. I had a conference call this morning and my coworkers were droning on and on about CAT5e cables and changing cable organization. Snooze fest! All I could think of were all of the things I need to do before I leave for our 8 hour drive.
We’re splitting up the drive which is nice; my generous man has opted to get us a hotel room along the way. I am definitely going to need the rest after the crazy long work week I’ve had. Plus the fact that I will be doing most of the driving since the boy doesn’t know how to drive a stick yet. I’m teaching him on the trip. What better roads to learn on then empty Oregon country roads? Oh yeah, and I’m taking him to the county fair. He is in for a culture shock beyond belief. YEEE HAWW.

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