My Crazy Family Weekend

I’m up in Portland, OR visiting with my crazy family for the 4th of July weekend. I flew in last night and rode the public transportation with my grandparents to a restaurant downtown to meet the rest of the crew. Mind you, my grandmother has bright pink hair, so that plus our luggage we were quite the sight to behold trudging around downtown looking for the Greek Cusina Restaurant.
I got there and the place itself was like any other restaurant, low key, mellow, quiet. They led us to an upstairs part of the building and it was like walking into a club. Loud live Greek music playing, people dancing, and my huge loud family crowded around a table. There were my two aunts, two uncles, their spouses, my grandparents, and five of my cousins. We danced, we drank, chugged a liquor called Orzo (anise flavored and fantastic) and danced a traditional greek dance, and then threw plates screaming out OPAA! (Good luck in Greek apparently).
After the awesome dinner we headed down to the waterfront to watch the fireworks. Talk about an incredible show. It was non stop fireworks from all sides-they were lighting them off in three spots over the water, it was beautiful.
I came back to my aunts and promptly passed out. This morning I got up and went for a run with my uncle Bob. We didn’t bring our ipods which made the run seem a little longer, but it was nice to talk. Well, talk as much as I could in between wheezing breathes. I’m feeling a little more in shape but my knee gave me trouble so we only ran for half an hour. The hills kicked my butt!! Afterwards we got back to the house and he showed me some killer ab workouts. I can’t wait to go home and show them to my boy so we can get abs of steel together.
Speaking of the beau I am missing him like crazy. It’s so much fun here with the fam and I just wish he could be a part of it. Definitely taking him to the Greek Cusina so we can dance around and make asses of ourselves. But he’s at home taking care of my pup and birdie and it’s nice to know they’re in good hands. đŸ™‚
This afternoon I’ve played Rock Band where I found out despite being able to sing it’s a super hard game. We also hooked up the karaoke machine which I’m sure after a few drinks we’ll all get into. Tonight we’re going to a blues festival which should be a blasty.
Right now I’m hiding out and resting because I know it’s going to be a lonnnng night and I’m a bit of a grandma. Bed by 11? Not with this crew. I’ll be lucky if I see my pillow before 4am. I better go get some energy drink in me so I can hang with the big kids.

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