My Roommate Situation

My lease is up in January, but for me that month could not get here sooner. It feels like it’s already been a very long year as far as roommates are concerned. My roommate has been interesting to say the least. In some ways she’s a perfect roommate, because she’s never home. Since we moved in together in January, she has slept in the apartment maybe 2 weeks. The rest of her time is spent with her boyfriend. At first it was  a bummer because the whole reason I moved in with someone was for the company. I was fine living alone, but I wanted to save money, and I wanted someone to hang out with after work. Upon getting to know the roommate however, I immediately became relieved to know she wouldn’t be home much. The term polar opposites comes to mind when I think of her.

When the roommate is home, it’s in a flurry of agitation and slamming doors, followed by abrupt and somewhat rude conversation. I don’t think she means to be this way, it’s just who she is. The boy noticed it right away, and can’t stand her either, and most of my friends don’t even like being in the same room. Just a sense of bad energy flows from her. Bleck. She is always complaining about something, and will usually have a mean comment to say about my dog. As if she didn’t know she’d be living with a dog when we moved in together. I really don’t understand people who don’t like pets. My dog is the most well behaved lil mutt too, and who couldn’t love his face? He’s precious. When she comes home, she glares at him, and practically kicks him if he goes in for a pet.

So when our lease is up, it will be a happy day. Unfortunately, she will be taking quite a bit of furniture with her when she goes, including the couch. Right now she owes me the money for the brand new fancy leather couch she just had to have. I don’t see why she didn’t just get a used one off craigslist. The way they make slipcovers now they can look brand new. Plus, she’s never home to use it. It doesn’t make any sense to me. When she goes, I’ll have to look for a roommate, and a new couch among other things. Still, that will feel like a vacation compared to dealing with her.

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