The New Business Scheme

So I’m finally back home and I couldn’t be happier. As much fun as family was, they wore me out big time. I’m sitting here at my desk about to fall asleep. It will be nice to get home and get some rest. Oh wait, I need to clean, do laundry, run for an hour, bathe the dog, organize, and then cook an amazing dinner for my wonderful bf for taking care of my pets while I was gone. Whew. Oh and then I also need to find some time in there to look presentable for when he comes over. I can do it! All I need is a little caffeine and the motivation.
Last night after taking me to a yummy mexican restaurant, the boy and I went out for Gelato. It was a nice tasty treat and was perfect for the warm night we were having. It must have been 80 degrees in the shade. We walked along the new business center looking at all the empty businesses for rent. We got to talking about bf’s new business idea and how we really need to do some market research to get the ball rolling. I won’t say exactly what he wants to do. Don’t want anyone taking the idea now do we? 😉 I will say that it has to do with advertising which I know nothing about. But if we come up with a business plan and actually get something started, it could be a lot of fun. And who knows, we just might make some money. I of course plan to do the nerdy background work and be the arm candy. Hehe. Maybe just the arm candy. Sounds like it could be fun. 😉

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