Breaking Out

The half marathon is only 2 1/2 months away and my body is not in the shape I expected it to be. All this training and I was hoping to be fabulously in shape and looking fantastic. Instead not only have I gained weight as I wrote in earlier posts, but I’ve broken out with acne. It is nothing compared to when I was a kid, but all that running and sweat has caused my face to wage war on my skin. I’m looking to find the best acne product but so far I’ve come up short. I think eventually my skin will get used to sweating, and as long as I can get a shower in right after a run I should be ok.
As much as I know I’m doing a good thing by participating in this marathon (raised over $2500 for cancer research yayy) I will still be relieved when it is over. I plan on joining a gym and focusing more on my core instead of running endurance. And maybe I won’t be so tired all the time. This running 15-20 miles a week is exhausting.

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  1. Have you consulted someone to help you on your acne outbreak? I mean a dermatologist in particular to be able to know what can be the ideal thing that you can do in order to lessen up your acne and prevent it from getting worst.
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