First Birthdays and Frosting Fights

Yesterday was my lil nephew’s first birthday. I have one other nephew, and one niece all the way up in Portland, OR and I miss out on all the fun moments with them. It is nice to have a nephew that I get to see at least once a month, and I’ve had the chance to watch him grow. It’s amazing how time flies! When he was born he was just this tiny little peanut premee, not even 4 pounds. And now he’s all cheeks and rolly polly babiness. You can’t help but smile when you look at him. For his birthday his parents (my little brother and his wife) got him his own personal cake so he could tear it apart. He had a blast basically painting his face with blue and white frosting. He howled when we tried to wipe his face clean. It was such a funny thing to watch. After cake we had present time, and he was of course more thrilled with the wrapping paper than his impressive loot, which included toys and lots of clothes for him to grow into. Yours truly got him a few outfits about how trouble is his business and business is good. 🙂 I plan on helping him live up to that. It’s only fair, helping nephew cause mischief is what aunties do best!
I wish I had known about these children’s books when I was buying his presents though. A personalized book would be a pretty cool present, and a fun keepsake. Well there is always my niece’s first birthday to look forward to. Or I could wait until A gets a little older and can recognize his picture and his name on a book. How cool would that be for a 5 year old? To be the star of your own book? I’ll definitely have to check into the personalized books when Christmas gets closer.

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