My Aching Feet

Race day is only two months away! I’ve kicked my training up a notch and my feet are suffering as a result. I am cursed with “flat feet” and my feet literally throb when I finish my workouts. I’ve tried the super feet inserts, which have helped a lot, but not completely. Today I tried to run and I realized I was using my toes only, and not heel toe, and my form was horrible. I was limping without even knowing it, and probably doing a lot of damage to my already fragile knee. I’m forcing myself to correct my posture, even walking for now if I have to. Walking right is way more important than running wrong and ruining my body. No race is worth that to me-it’s not like I’m a professional athlete.
Besides training though, my flat feet have cramped (haha, literally) my style. I can’t wear flip flops, and most other cute shoes for more than a few hours without my feet killing me. I have thought about orthotics and also the new MBT shoes. I just heard about these cool shoes that simulate walking in sand. The form of the shoe is supposed to correct posture and strengthen muscles all over the foot and legs, even the core! They’re pretty pricey, so it might be a luxury for the future, but man I would love to try out a pair. Anything to help my aching feet. For now I’ll settle for foot rubs from the boy. 😉

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