People Watching and Ferry Boats

Yesterday the boy and I decided to take a ferry boat ride to San Francisco. We’re so close to the city, and yet we had never explored it as a couple. We had some time to kill before the next boat, so we wandered around a cute little shopping center in Larkspur, and enjoyed a couple day bloody Mary’s.

The boat ride was my favorite part of the trip. We couldn’t have asked for better weather-I think it was in the high 70’s all day. We rode past Angel Island and Alcatraz and got all kinds of pictures. There was fog just over the golden gate and you could see the sun peeking out behind it.

When we docked, we made our way through the pier 1 market and made the long trek down to Pier 39. The boy had never been, and I figured he’d better see one of the more well known tourist traps in SF. Course I forgot how much he hates crowds so it was interesting to say the least. The place was swarming with people! But because we were together, we made it fun as usual. We got some ice cream and plopped down on a park bench to do some grade A people watching. With all those tourists it was easy to see some unusual characters. On our walk we passed the Princess Cruise line and it got us both talking about going on Caribbean cruises together. I hope we get to someday!

On the way back to Pier 1 we found this little garden in the middle of the city. It was tucked away, hidden by Ivy walls, and when we walked in, it was like the city didn’t exist. Just this little tranquil spot in the middle of city life. If I lived in SF, this would have been my spot. There were just a few people there, relaxing and reading or taking pictures. Isn’t it beautiful?

We had a long wait before the last ferry went out of the city, but we had fun people watching, smooching, and just being together. We watched a ferry unload its passengers and it was like watching people get out of a clown car. Just when we thought it was empty, more people just kept flowing off. It was so weird! I couldn’t believe how many people were on that boat.

On the ride home we entertained ourselves by trying to make heart shapes out of pretzels. BF did a fine job in the end, but instead of a heart, we decided it looked like a pig nose.

The things we do to pass the time…

It was a great day in the city, but next time I plan on taking the boy to the tea gardens, or somewhere else a little less crowded. It was fun to see SF, but it made me appreciate our little suburban town.

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