Sick of Reality TV

As I was channel surfing last night, I couldn’t help but be revolted by the choices we have now. Everything is a reality show, I mean everything.
I finally stumbled on a rerun on Step By Step and it brought me back to the days of acne cream and teen angst. But seriously those were the days of good tv. Remember TGIF? I think the line up were shows Step By Step, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Boy Meets World, Family Matters. None of this Who Wants to Marry My Mom and all the other crap shows they put on tv.
Now there are a couple of reality shows that I do enjoy, like Platinum Weddings, or any countdown on VH1 that pokes fun of celebrities (i.e. Top 20 best celebrity breakups). But beyond those few shows, I would really rather have a good ol’ sitcom, and it makes me so mad when shows get canceled that had so much potential.
Here is a list of the shows I wish hadn’t been canceled:

1. Arrested Development: by far the most brilliant, funny comedy I think I’ve ever seen. Lines like,

Tobias Fünke: [footage of Tobias trying on a Speedo with his cut-offs on] Excuse me, do these effectively hide my thunder?

2. Men in Trees: this was definitely a girl’s show, but I loved it. It was about a single woman finding herself. This show got me through a rough single girl period in my life, and the stupid network ended it before even letting the show wrap up the story. How rude!

3. Notes From the Underbelly: I really liked this show, it was funny and quirky. I’m pretty sure it was canceled without finishing its story either.

4. Cupid: I loved this show, with Jeremy Piven’s great delivery. I hear they might be making a new one version of the show, basically allowing the writer to redo his work.

5. October Road: This show wasn’t the greatest, but it had a real cliffhanger. Who was the little boy’s real dad? I wish they would have at least ended the show with a little closure.

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