The Cleaning Frenzy

Our trip to Oregon was incredible-we had such a great time. Coming home on a Tuesday had it’s drawbacks though. We had to get up first thing in the morning and head back to work and there was no time for cleaning. Wednesday night I met the Bf’s friend K at her going away dinner. She was moving to San Ramon so we wanted to be sure we saw her, even though we were exhausted. We went to this Indian Restaurant where the service was so bad I had to give them one star on 🙁 Then we had a couple of our friends over for dinner on Thursday to tell them all about our adventures in hickville. Needless to say by Friday I was so tired and cleaning was the last thing I wanted to do. So instead the BF and I went out for a great sushi dinner followed by a fun round of mini golf. It was nice to just relax, but I couldn’t help fretting over the state of my apartment. I am such a neat freak, and having my living space disorganized causing me to freak out a little bit.

So today after much procrastination I finally had time to clean. The boy was awesome and helped me out with everything. We reorganized the house, vacuumed, deep cleaned the fridge, and even bathed the pooch. It was a little frustrating because the indoor lighting in my apartment is really weak even during the day. I couldn’t see my carpet so it was hard to clean thoroughly. I can’t wait to move-hopefully to a place with better lighting. So after a day filled with Virgoness cleaning we finally got everything done I was hoping to. It was so sweet of my man to help me out, and I can relax knowing it’s all finished. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to curl up on the freshly cleaned floor with an ice cold beer. I earned it!

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