Grey's Anatomy Premiere

I was so amped about the Grey’s Anatomy Premiere-especially after seeing the previews! They made it look so intense: Rose tells Derek she’s pregnant, Derek casually pops the question, and then Derek was hooked up to industrial clamps and all of this medical equipment, while Meredith was screaming.

The thing is, it was a classic case of the writers teasing us and then slapping us in the face with something a lot less dramatic. Still, it was Grey’s so it still drew me in. I’m still hoping for some of what captured me in the beginning, and maybe this season will be it.

Meredith is still being whiney and super annoying, but now Christina is back. She tells Meredith to shut up and stop complaining and it’s so great to see some of that old Christina again. Izzy is starting to come around again too, and it’s great to see her not being such a freak like last year. She started off as one of my favorites and slowly dwindled to a husband stealing, sobbing mess of a girl who couldn’t do anything right. I hope the writers give her more to work with this time around. I’d like to see Alex stop being a jerk-he had just started to show his nice guy side, and there he goes snapping away at poor Izzy.

As for the drama shown in the preview, neither happened! Rose and Derek’s conflict was more than a little lame. Honestly, any self respecting woman would never have entered into a relationship with that man when it was painfully honest he was still in love with Meredith. He didn’t lie to her, his entire being gave him away. Wake up Rose, you’re just a pawn in the drama that is Mer-Der.

I would rate this premiere pretty low on my list, but I’m still excited about the next episode.

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