Healthy You Check In

It’s strange-I feel like I’ve been a real slacker lately fitness wise-but on the days where I’ve been too tired to work out, I find myself less hungry, and I’ve been cutting back on my portions. I am eating healthier, and cutting way down on my sweets, and I’ve noticed a difference already. I also admitted that I just need to accept the fact that I’m not the same size I was in high school, and that it’s ok that I’m not super thin. This is something I’ve struggled with off and on for years, so I’m finally accepting it. I’m getting curvier as I get older, but the important thing is not how much I weigh, or what size my jeans are, but how I feel, and my health. I’m so much healthier now than a year ago, when I was drastically underweight. I just realized this morning that my hair doesn’t fall out like it used to, and that to me is a huge improvement.

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