My Little Mischief Makers

Anyone that knows me knows that I think of my two pets as my babies. I’m the proud Mama of a 5 1/2 year old dusky headed conure (parrot) and a mischievous 5 year old blue heeler/jack russell puppy. I say puppy because he’s still a baby, even though he’s 5. I struggle sometimes with their behavior, they can both be such brats! But I love em to pieces. I came across zootoo, a great community where they have everything a pet lover could ask for.  I’m excited to explore the parrot forums, because I need tips on what to do when the little booger won’t stop screaming! Bird owners are special people, we put up with a lot! It’s worth it though, look at this lil guy! He was on a time out and he was supposed to be under the cover, but he’s sneaky.

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