The Get Thin Quick Attitude

I have been complaining off and on in this blog about weight and weight loss, but one thing I will never, ever do is take diet pills. I came across this non-biased article on the new weight loss drug, Phentermine and it really freaked me out.The way the drug works is it inhibits your hunger signal. In my personal opinion, any drug that inhibits your body’s natural signals is a problem. I know that obesity and weight problems affects so many of us, especially Americans but there are other, safer, healthier, better ways to lose weight.

Here’s just a few that I have found effective, and they don’t include inhibiting my natural signals.

1. Exercise-the number one way to lose weight is to get off your duff. Walk around the block, or just walk a little bit every day. While you might not get as thin as you want, you’ll be in the healthy range.

2. Change of diet-I don’t mean diet as in starve yourself or only eat soup. I’m talking about taking a good look at the food you eat, and what ingredients are in it. Don’t eat food full of preservatives or other additives that can make it addicting. Switch from soda to water, trust me you’ll feel much better.

3. Get happy-change your life in a positive way. Happy people are generally healthy people. When you’re sad, you tend to gain weight because you’re depressed. Then you’re depressed because you gained weight. It’s a vicious cycle.

The biggest thing I’ve learned from my quest to get my figure where I want it is knowing that nothing happens over night. It’s all about persistance and a good attitude, not taking a pill.

One thought on “The Get Thin Quick Attitude

  1. A friend of mine took these, her blood pressure ended up THROUGH THE ROOF! She went to the doctor and got blood pressure meds so she could continue to take them. Yes she is losing weight but she isn’t doing a thing to change the habits that made her overweight. She thinks that eating half of her Big Mac and only a few fries because she’s taking that pill is making a change. Honestly, if she were eating healthy with them she might not have had the BP issue but I have a hard time supporting her because I know that once she gets to goal and goes off them her weight is going to come back within a year.

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