The Long Awaited Present

So my dear friend, The Queen as she’s linked on my page, told me that she sent me a birthday present. She told me way ahead of time that she was having something made, and that she was getting all of these things together, so of course my anticipation was mounting.

Well yesterday when I got home, guess what was waiting for me? I couldn’t grab my box cutter fast enough! I ripped the package open, and there was a postcard, with my “guide” to everything she’d sent me.

1. Bag-to help you carry your burdens

2. Hoodie-to keep you warm on cold days

3. Book- to escape reality if need be

4. Candy-to thank you for all the times you’ve saved my life.

5. Slippers-to remind you I’m here for you if you ever “slip” or fall.

I seriously had tears in my eyes when I read it. She is for sure one of my best friends, even though we don’t see each other that often. She’s always been there for me, with a card, with a silly text message, or an amazing book that changed my life (TWILIGHT!!!). I told the boy that we HAVE to go visit my fellow Coast Sister and her hubby in North Carolina. Now I can rock my sweatshirt and feel like a local. Hahah!

So what do you think of all my cool gear? I should explain we call each other Coast Sisters because we both live on opposite coasts. How great is my bag? The only drawback of the slippers is that my dog thinks they are furry playthings. He keeps chasing my feet around the house.

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