The Office Season Premiere

The Office Season Premiere was fantastic! Spoiler alert!!!

The Scranton branch gets in shape! This episode was so in sync with my get healthy mindset. Of course like any Office episode, some of the employees take it to an extreme. Kelly and Michael both pass out from not having anything to eat for days. Kelly takes what she thinks is a tap worm from Creed in order to lose weight, ew! It might have been more believable if she took a supplement like Phentermine. Michael tries to flirt with his new HR woman, Holly, and things seem to be well for the first part of the episode. Then he, in typical Michael fashion, ruins it.

I loved most of this episode, but I do not like where the writers are taking the story line of Jim and Pam. I hate when sitcom writers do this. They start with making you wait and wait and wait for a couple to get together, and when they finally do, they try to break them apart. Pam moves to New York to go to school, and now she’s sitting right next to a Jim look alike class clown, and of course they’re flirting. I was more than a little annoyed at the writers call on this one. Bad form NBC writers, bad form. For once, can’t they focus on something else besides splitting up couples? Turk and Carla made it work on Scrubs and I loved them for it. They can still have drama, and other such nonsense without bringing cheating into it. Seriously writers…sometimes romance really does work out.

So I wrote that last bit about Pam and Jim before the end of the show. I won’t give it away, but you’re gonna LOVE IT!!! I’m so excited. Yay.

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