Weekly Healthy You Check In

Well this week I haven’t exactly been following my workout plan. I was good last week for the most part. I went for a 10 mile run with Team in Training and it was a lot harder that I expected. We did a training with “rolling hills” more like KILLER hills. My feet were throbbing by mile 5. I was running with some other girls from the team that I don’t normally run with, and they pushed me to keep going. We ran the full 10 miles, and I have to thank them for it, because I couldn’t have done it by myself.
I went home and decided to try a cleanse that my doctor had recommended. He said if I did it, it’d be like starting with a “clean slate” and I’d be feeling much better. Right…
So after running 10 miles, there I was on a pure liquid diet, drinking this junk called miralax and trying to rest up. I spent most of the day in the bathroom ( I know, too much information). But seriously people, if you are considering this, I don’t recommend it at all. I was in so much pain, and by late afternoon I said forget it. I was supposed to do it for two days, and I decided that just drinking extra water and watching what I eat is enough cleanse for me. I have read a lot about the merit of cleansing, but I’ve also read counter arguments against it. So we’ll see-right now with all the training I’m doing, I don’t think a liquid diet even for just two days is a good plan. I had the worst headache! Needless to say I spent the entire day Sunday resting and enjoying my meals. 🙂

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