A Look at Some of My Favorite TV Characters

Here’s just a few of my favorite TV Characters from the shows I watch weekly:

From The Office

Jim and Pam:

Jim Halpert: Last night on “Trading Spouses,” there’s… did you see it?
Pam Beesley: No, I have a life.
Jim Halpert: Interesting, what’s that like?
Pam Beesley: You should try it some time.
Jim Halpert: Wow. But then who would watch my TV?

I love that Pam and Jim have this really relaxed, playful relationship. They can tease each other, and they can be themselves. They’re just fun, and they seem like a genuine couple. I hope the writers keep them together.


Sometimes the clothes at the Gap Kids are just too flashy so I’m forced to go to American Girl and order clothes for large Colonial dolls.

She’s kind of creepy the way she loves dollhouses, cats, and all things litte girl. Yet she has this evil streak and does things like hook up with Dwight even though she’s dating Andy. It’s crazy, but you gotta love her for all her bitchiness.

From How I Met Your Mother


Look, this woman could actually be my future wife. I want our first kiss to be amazing.

I love him for his hopeless romantic ways. I love him for his idealism, and how great he is as a friend.


Look, our forefathers died for the “pursuit of happiness,” okay? Not for the “sit around and wait of happiness.” Now if you want, we can go to the same bar, drink the same beer, talk to the same people every day or you can lick the Liberty Bell. You can grab life by the crack and lick the crap out of it.

For all his devious ways, and his player behavior, deep down he’s a great guy. When he brought Lily back to NY from San Francisco it showed his true character.

Marshall & Lily:

Lily: We should come up with a whole new last name.
Marshall: Oh, that’s easy; Lily and Marshall Skywalker.
Lily: Lily and Marshall Hasselhoff.
Marshall: Oh, got it. Lily and Marshall Awesome. Have you met our children, our son Totally and our daughter Freaking?

Oh this couple, sigh. I like to think that the boy and I are a lot like Marshall and Lily-we’re a little bit mushy. Ok, we’re a LOT mushy just like them, and we’re comfortable yet we are still crazy for each other. That’s Marshmallow and Lilypad. Love em!

Samantha Who?


Stupid old me! The old me really screw the new me over, didn’t she? How am I suppose to start fresh? when my past keeps reaching into my future and pulling me into my present!

I love good Sam, but I can’t stand bad Sam. It’s cute to watch her cringe at how she used to be. I confess, I’ve had me some “Bad Bdubs” moments and I shudder at them as well.


Samantha: My heart is still beating like crazy. You gotta feel this. (takes Dena’s hand and places it on her chest)
Dena: Yeah, I’m kind of creeped out by the fact that there’s something in our chests that’s pumping blood. I do not like that.

She’s Samantha’s sweet, dorky yet loveable friend from high school. She’s fun because she’s so naive at times. I adore her!

From 30 Rock:


Liz: I hate going up to Donaghy’s office even for something normal. I always feel like I’m entering the Death Star. I swear if Donaghy does this [does Darth Vader force-strangle] at me, I’ll run.
Pete: You’ll be fine, Captain Needa.
Liz: No, Captain Needa dies, he dies!

She’s a quirky, independent single chick. I love that she’s got a successful job, and that she is still a big ol’ dork at heart. I see a lot of myself in Ms. Liz Lemon

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