Deregulation is a Bad Idea

The Presidential Election has been a big topic of conversation lately, and probably the first election I’ve been following in the news regularly. Part of that is my age, and the fact that I’m realizing that politics do affect me on a personal level. Also, I’m sick of our current administration, and more than ready for a change.
I watched the Vice Presidential Debate on Thursday night, and my ears perked up when Biden discussed healthcare. Daniel Neumeister, a fellow blogger, and a healthcare professional, talks about the long waits in the ER, and how bad healthcare has become.

Republican ticket McCain/Palin are proposing a healthcare plan that calls for dregulation. Deregulation is one of the main reasons for all the problems we’ve been having on wall street. I cringed when this idea was brought up, and it cemented my belief that McCain and Palin are not out for the middle class worker. They’re all about tax cuts for the wealthy, and taxes for the middle/lower class. And if McCain/Palin get into office, I’m going to have a heart attack…and be waiting in the long lines at the ER. Dan Quayle has a great quote that i think really speaks to Palin:

“People that are really very weird can get into sensitive positions and have a tremendous impact on history.”

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