Hair Loss Confidential

Ok, let me just talk for a minute about the horror that is reality TV. I can’t believe some of the shows that are out there right now.

I remember being horrified by Extreme Makeover, Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire, Beauty and the Geek, the list goes on. Then there were all those trashy talk shows, which I’m not even sure were “reality”. Now, we’ve got Hair Loss Confidential, where loved ones ambush their friend/spouse/family member, unsuspecting, humiliate them on tv, and then send them off to get a hair transplant. I guess considering the average cost hair transplant procedures is probably pretty expensive, then it’s a pretty good deal, if it’s paid for, but can you imagine the humiliation? And also, my big question is, do these people get this procedure for free? Or just at a discount?

There are a couple of reality shows I actually enjoy-the weddings shows on Style and WE, and also the HGTV home improvement shows. My big question on all of these shows is: do the people get something for being on tv? Do they get part of whatever they’re doing to get them on tv paid for? Or is it just the glamour of being on tv that makes them go on these shows? Because I gotta tell you, 99% of the people on these shows look ridiculous, even on the home improvement shows. So why do it? If anyone knows the answer, please let me know. I’m really curious!

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  1. I just “ambushed” my 16 yr old daughter. The episode can now be seen on
    I hope once you have reviewed this episode you might understand that there is so much more to hair loss than reality tv. There are stories that often go unheard. I can tell you from our own experience it was wonderful and they were all very understanding to Myranda’s feelings. Besides, its not like it live. So if by chance someone were completely offended, Im sure it would be worked out.

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