How I Met Your Mother-I Heart New Jersey

This latest episode of How I Met Your Mother did a good amount of foreshadowing. I love this show, but I hope it ends eventually. Now hear me out: I want it to end because I want there to be an end to the story. I want to know how he meets the mother, I want to know who the mother is. I’m dying to know actually!
As always, I plan on spoiling this episode. 😉 So the plot of the episode is revealed when Stella mentions Ted moving to New Jersey. Ted freaks out, and wants to hire movers New York ones, to move Stella and her little girl Lucy to the big apple. Stella points out that New Jersey is her home, and she has a house, where she is raising her daughter. They make jokes back and forth about which city is better, but in the end, she gets angry. She tells him he can move wherever he wants, but they are staying in NJ.
Towards the end of the episode, Ted goes to make up with Stella, and Lucy wakes up and asks him to read her a bedtime story. In the process, you can see something change with Ted, and he tells Stella he is going to move in with her.
This episode I think foreshadows the beginning of the end for Ted and Stella. In the first episode of the series, you see two kids, both brunette. Lucy has Blonde hair and so does Stella. I know that doesn’t mean everything, but the kids also look nothing like Stella. Also in the first few episodes of the season, they’ve shown that Stella and Ted don’t have a lot in common, and they really don’t see eye to eye on all that much. Still, she’s completely loveable and it’s going to be interesting to see how the writers end this romance, because while she’s a better match than Robin was for Ted, I don’t think she’s his wife.
Lastly, the bombshell about Robin moving was kind of a surprise, but not entirely. I’ve never been a big fan of her character, so I’m ok with her moving on. I know, hate me all you like, but she bugs me. I’d like to see Barney show a little more soul, so I’m wondering if he’ll confess his love for her before she moves, in a drastic attempt to keep her in New York.
Can’t wait to see what’s next!

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