My Apartment Complex Makes Me Uneasy

Work has drastically slowed down lately, and I’m pretty sure it’s because of the current economic crisis. I think most people are pinching their pennies, including me. Still, it doesn’t stop me from daydreaming about owning a home one day, instead of this drudgery of apartment living. Our place isn’t that bad, but the neighborhood is lacking. Plus there are a limited number of covered carports so the BF and I are constantly switching. I can’t wait to have a garage, so we can both park in a covered spot. Also, I hate that poor Monkey has  no backyard to run around in.

I have been walking the poor pup at night, but I get nervous as it gets darker. This isn’t the safest neighborhood, and I don’t feel as secure without the boy there with me. Just today, when I got home from work, some really creepy looking guy started following me! I was walking upstairs, and the boy pulled into our parking space at the same time. He said he watched the guy turn at the last minute and walk the other way. It sent chills down my spine! January and the end of our lease can’t get here fast enough.

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