My "Business" Weekend

This past weekend was my company’s semi-annual meeting, better known as “SAM”. It’s a meeting where all of the employees, managers, and associates get together to discuss how we’re doing as a company, as well as new software and hardware solutions for our clients. EcoQuest International business solutions was just one of the companies named during the meeting. We also talked about the strengths and weakness of Windows 2008 server, and Exchange 2007.

But it wasn’t all boring business at this SAM. This was our first year having a SAM where we all stayed somewhere as a company. My incredibly generous company president paid for all of the employees to stay in the Embassy Suites in South Lake Tahoe. It was definitely the nicest place I’ve ever stayed, much less stayed on a company dime. Friday night when I arrived, I met up with my fellow coworkers for a round of drinks on the boss. Then Saturday, after a day long meeting, we had free cocktails, followed by an amazing dinner and more drinks. After dinner, we all went out dancing and it was hilarious to get drunk with all of my coworkers. The weekend was much more fun than work, but I’m paying for it today. Still, I’m looking forward to the next SAM-this time I’ll be sure to drink a little more water, and a little less cocktails.

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