Paying it Forward

I love it when friends recommend great books I should read. Coast Sister went above and beyond that and actually sent me a book she wanted me to read-Twilight. We both ended up loving the series so much that we both purchased the set in hardback. So I’ve been left with a copy of the first book in paperback, and she suggested I pay it forward to another reader. I did, and I hope my friend Personality Twin likes it. I think that’s such a cool idea, and I plan on giving books more for gifts to friends. I love nothing more than a good book, especially one I can read over and over again.

2 thoughts on “Paying it Forward

  1. paying it forward is a great idea. i use paperbackswap to get and receive books and from the library too.

    many of my friends don’t like to read so my mom and i often swap a lot and a girl from work.

  2. Twilight is AMAZING!!! So glad that you love it!

    Books are a great escape from real life. Movies are amazing…don’t get me wrong. But a book you can take with you anywhere….to the beach, in the bathtub, to work.ha!
    Happy Reading!

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