Weekly TV Recaps 10.17.08

Here is my week of spoilers and recaps of my favorite TV shows. Enjoy!

How I Met Your Mother-This one was definitely the best show of the week. Ted dropped a bomb at the end of the episode, foreshadowing the end of his relationship. I knew he wouldn’t end up with Stella-despite how sweet she was, that wasn’t the way he was going to meet the mother of his children. They had too many differences, and she just wasn’t the one. I loved that the crew kept having interventions, and I thought it was a good way of opening Ted’s eyes to his situation with Stella.

Samantha Who-She’s back! I like this show because it’s cute and quirky. However, the premiere episode, with the storyline of Sam and her mom entering a dancing contest was…lame. Still, it was funny and Samantha was cute as always. She dances as bad as I do!

Grey’s Anatomy-This week Erica and Callie went on their first date. I can already tell that Erica is way more into Callie than Callie is to her. I’m wondering if they’ll have some big catfight in a coming up episode. There wasn’t nearly as much drama or chaos in this episode, and it ended on a fairly good note-with Meredith reading her mother’s diary with Christina. My biggest problem with that is I wish she could have trusted Derek to read it with her. Why does she always lean so hard on Christina? Sometimes it’s ok to lean on your boyfriend too Mer. Come on!

Brothers & Sisters-I just plain love the family squabbles in this show. Every week it’s something new. It’s fun to watch because they’re a real family. I like the Justin and Rebecca twist but I’m tired of Justin always going back to drinking. New storyline please! As for the Ryan thing, I hope they do tell him who he is. I want to see them contact their long lost brother. Oh, and I can’t wait to see Kitty get a kid-she’s going to be such an awkward mother!

Eli Stone-The season finale left a major cliffhanger for Eli. He had surgery on his brain tumor and he was in a coma. At the end, he opens his eyes, but we don’t know what happened. I know he’ll be ok of course because he’s the star of the show. But will his premonitions be gone? Will he still be a prophet? This had me anxious for the premiere. So the suspense paid off! This was a fantastic episode! I couldn’t believe it when Nate started getting visions too. Then when Eli realized his therapist was a vision too-wow, things couldn’t get any weirder. I love the heart that Eli shows in this show, but I am so anti-Taylor. That girl is evil and so ignorant. He has successfully predicted so many things, yet she still refuses to believe him. She finally does at the end of the episode but I still don’t like her. And Eli gets his aneurism back, so his brother doesn’t have to suffer. He shows the ultimate sacrifice here, and I think this shows the strongest character development. I love this show!!

The Office-Michael finally did it! He grew a pair! Good job buddy! I was so proud of him for asking Holly out. I really wish he’d just tell Jan off. She’s such a freeloader! I am shocked that he’s helping support this baby that he has no relation to. I can’t wait for Pam to come back-the relationship she has with Jim is so great. I love the way they connect, and at the end of last night’s episode they really showed how the two are just meant for each other.

Desperate Housewives-I was horrified when Bree tried to parent Danielle’s son. I can’t say I’m surprised but man! I am so glad my mother isn’t like her. I’d be so pissed if someone tried to change the way I was raising my kid. Gabby needs to get her act together, this poor me thing is crap. Just because you don’t have money doesn’t mean you have to be dumpy. Hey Gabby? I’m broke but I don’t look like I just woke up. Get it together! And her fat little daughter is such a brat. I was so proud of Susan for knocking her down.

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