Weekly TV Show Recap 10.24

Weekly TV Show Recap-I’m only going to post about How I Met Your Mother and The Office this time, because I feel that those two episodes were by far the best.

Alright, spoiler time:

The Office- I was so excited that Michael finally got the girl. They make an adorable couple. The only problem now is corporate and the threat of one or both of them getting fired. I don’t like where the storyline is going with Pam and Jim, with the writers hinting to us that they are unstable. Aren’t they only apart for 3 months? That’s nothing! I will be so mad if they make it so that they break up. Seriously guys, learn from the Ross and Rachel mistake. It was a dumb one, and the show went in the crapper after they split up. Do the loyal fans right and keep them together!

How I Met Your Mother-Now I called it long before that Stella wasn’t going to end up with Ted, but they way they showed it in the latest episode, I would never have guessed it. Stella leaves Ted for her ex boyfriend and the father of her daughter. WOW! And Robin drops the bomb that she still has feelings for Ted! Well I don’t want those two to get back together, but Robin had some great points. Nothing about Stella and Ted’s relationship was about the real Ted. The real Ted is a hopeless romantic, and here he was just basically taking an already planned wedding? That’s not our Ted. When he meets the love of his life, we’ll know it. It’ll be great-and I can’t wait for it to happen!

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