102 Things about me-Part 1

I stole this from my good friend, The Queen, first because I love these kind of things, and second because this is my 102nd post! I can’t believe that I’ve written over 100 posts-for those of you who do read my blog, thanks for tuning in!

So here are 102 random things about me, starting with the first 51

1. I waited to be born till after my dad came home from work, and I was apparently a very quick and easy labor. My mom said I’ve been trying to please people ever since.

2. My older brother was my best friend till he went into 1st grade and some kid told him it’s not cool to be friends with your sister. To this day I wish we had a closer relationship.

3. I grew up on a quasi farm-we had goats, pigs, chickens, dogs, cats, a hamster, at one point a ferret, and one sheep. Not a herd, just one.

4. My stepdad killed and ate the lamb-her name was Precious. He actually said, “Mhmm, Precious sure tastes good.” Mean. He was just playing around though.

5. My stepdad has been the best father to me I could have ever asked for.

6. My stepdad was my track coach in high school, and I couldn’t run a race without hugging him first and getting a pep talk.

7. I have a really strong connection with my mom. Sometimes I think we can read each other’s minds.

8. My mom is manic depressive, but she doesn’t let it rule her life. She is the strongest woman I know.

9. When I was a little girl I loved the color pink. I wanted a pink house, pink car, pink everything. When I got a little older I was a huge tomboy and hated pink. In college, I dyed my hair pink.

10. In 6th grade, I was part of the junior pep squad. We performed at half time for a high school football game and I thought I was really cool. I watched a video of it when I got older and it turns out I’m really uncoordinated.

11. I’m a lefty but I only own right handed scissors.

12. Because I’m a south paw I have a hard time learning dance and cheer moves. I was a cheerleader for one year and the captain of the cheer squad used to call me retarded and make me run laps because I always wanted to go the left instead of the right.

13. When I was little I used to rearrange my room for fun. I think this was the start of my OCD. I still love to rearrange things.

14. I’m a huge tomboy and when I was a kid, and I used to wish I had a guy’s name, like Nick or Sam. I also used to wear big baggy sweatshirts and backwards baseball caps.

15. I can’t add in my head to save my life. I wish I could go back in time to grade school and get better teaching because I still count on my fingers when no one is looking.

16. I have this insatiable need for everyone to love me, even if they aren’t a big part of my life. I can’t stand the idea of someone not liking me. It actually keeps me up at night.

17. I get really bad stomach aches when I’m upset, and I carry all of my stress in my tummy. This is probably why I had such bad stomach problems for years. I’m learning how to relax.

18. I love to run but I hate treadmills and public gyms. It makes running in the winter suck!

19. I’ve only broken one bone in my body-my left wrist in the first grade. It was a hairline fraction and it was so minimal that my parents thought it was just a sprang for about a week.

20. I’m a huge book worm, and I love to get lost in a good book. If I’m engrossed in a book, I won’t hear a word you’re saying to me.

21. I have a hard time watching sad movies because I usually get depressed afterwards. I get too involved in the story and have trouble separating it from my own life.

22. I had a stuffy nose my entire life, up until about 10 months ago when I finally got allergy tests. Turns out my chronic colds were allergies to dustmites, dogs, and cats.

23. If I weren’t allergic to my dog’s hair I would still let him sleep in our bed.

24. I love that the boy and I can be complete goofballs together.

25. I’m sure that the boy and I were meant to be together, and I think the mistakes I made in my past prepared me for him now and have allowed me to appreciate him that much more.

26. I love taking pictures and I’m pretty sure that my kids are going to have eye trouble with how much flashbulbs they’ll see. I take pictures of everything and I am the official “memory keeper” of my family.

27. It’s ironic because I have a horrible memory. I take pictures partly because it helps me remember events better. Maybe I’m a visual learner?

28. I love sitcoms, and I love to watch them in marathon fashion. For awhile I became obsessed with the show Friends and watched every episode over and over again. I have endless Friends quotes for every occasion.

29. Chandler is my favorite Friends character.

30. If I were a Friends character, I know it would be Monica. I just hope that I never give in to those neurotic tendencies , even though I do secretly have a panic attack when I see messes.

31. I love to bake and I wish I had more time to do it.

32. I want to become a better cook, and I think it’d be so much fun to take a cooking class someday.

33. I love to sing karaoke and I won the first competition I ever competed in. It was only a small bar competition but it made me happy.

34. Ironically I hate to perform and I often just stand still and sing. I wish I could get up and dance and be animated. I’m much more animated if I’m singing a duet.

35. It is one of my lifelong dreams to sing in a band and perform for an audience. One day…

36. I want to learn how to take dance. I’m hoping to convince the bf to take swing, salsa, or ballroom dancing with me someday. Last time we danced together I stepped all over his feet.

37. I pierced my belly button when I turned 21, instead of 18 like most people. My mom said I went through my rebellious stage a little late in life. 😉

38. I got rid of my belly piercing when I was 24 because I felt fat and I really regret it. Now I have an ugly scar and no cute piercing.

39. My 22 year old little brother is expecting baby #2 and I’m a little jealous even though I’m not ready.

40. I know I’m going to love being a mom. I think I was born to be a parent in some ways.

41. I secretly fear I will make my children neurotic and OCD about cleaning.

42. I’m terrified of giving birth. If I could have a kid without that part, I’d feel so much better about the whole thing. I’m also afraid I’ll gain a ton of weight and my body will never recover.Oh, and I heard some women poo on the table. SERIOUSLY?!

43. I don’t like people watching me spit. It took me a month to brush my teeth in front of the boy.

44. I love texting and I don’t know what I’ve done all these years without it. I do enjoy a good talk on the phone with certain people, but texting is great for getting quick ideas across. Plus I love to look at them later-it’s more of that jogging of the ol’ memory thing.

45. I have a really hard time keeping girlfriends. I’ve been really hurt in the past, and it’s hard to trust them. Plus I just don’t like a lot of girlie things. I blame it on growing up with three brothers.

46. I hate clothes shopping so much. If I ever become rich the first thing I want is a personal shopper who will pick out my clothes for me.

47. I love sweatpants and pj pants (sleep pants right Queen? hehe). Nothing is better than curling up in sweats and watching tv with my sweetie.

48. I wish I had a core group of friends that I could hang out with on a given night. I’ve always had a lot of different friends, but never one specific group that I was a part of.

49. When I’m nervous I shake, kind of like a chihuahua. It’s embarrassing and I can’t control it.

50. I don’t like working in groups, and prefer to work alone. I also like to work with tv or noise in the background, but hate it when I can hear coworkers talking. Weird right?

51. I hate my nose and I’ve always thought of it as a huge honker. The boy likes to rub it and is the only person who made me feel like it was cute.

2 thoughts on “102 Things about me-Part 1

  1. Okay,so many things that I want to comment about.I’ll randomly select a few…
    #1 I was born early and am always early places.So this revelation doesn’t surprise me.

    #28 I get obsessed with TV show’s also. We stopped with the Friends for a couple years b/c we’ve seen every episode AT LEAST 25 times. No joke.

    #29 I love Chandler too

    #30 I’d be Phoebe. The wacky one that sings funny songs and spouts out weird things.

    #48 We were always that way also until where we currently live. We actually have that core group of friends…and I gotta say it’s awesome.(you can travel cross country and be in our group)

    #51 I don’t see a “huge honker”. I think you’re one of the most beautiful people I know inside and out. I’m quite jealous of your petite-ness.

    Can’t wait to read the other 51

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