All I Want for Christmas is Less Jiggle in My Wiggle

The boy recently posted a great blog about what to get me for Christmas. It was definitely one of the sweetest posts he’s written about me. What was cool was that he knew what I wanted, and that was before I sent him a list.  Some other things that I want that aren’t something you can buy in stores :

  1. To lose about 10 pounds in the next two months would be amazing. So what I’m wishing for is the will power to stick to a workout routine. It’s going to be rough with the holidays too-all the food is so tasty. So I think I’ll just have to work out extra hard whenever I eat anything less than healthy. Fudge? Drop and give me 20!
  2. For sure knowing where we are going to live come January. Right now we have a great opportunity, but nothing is for sure. I hate the unknown and it will be so nice to have that all figured out.
  3. For the boy to be done with his fire academy-something I will get right before Christmas. I just can’t wait to be able to spend our weekends together. Just the idea of sleeping in and then cooking breakfast sounds like the best present I could ask for.
  4. For everything this Christmas to go smoothly with my ridiculously large and extended family. I want to share my Christmas with both my family and the boy’s. My family can be less than understanding of that at times, and it annoys me. This year though, I can’t wait to have the boy with me to share in all the activities!

2 thoughts on “All I Want for Christmas is Less Jiggle in My Wiggle

  1. I LOVE YOUR TITLE!!! It made me crack up laughing.

    I also hope for less jiggle in my wiggle. ha!

    How wonderful it will be for Dylan to be done with the academy. BOTH for you and for him. Breakfast in bed is wonderful. Usually Joe’s the cook and I’m the one in bed….but I gotta say…You may owe him a few breakfasts on the weekend. ha!

    Let lose the pounds!!!!

  2. as far as #4 goes…I wish you the best of luck. i have never even tried to integrate anyone into our family…well I tried once, didn’t go quite as planed. It seems everyone else sees our family the same way we do. Go figure right? But hey, I’ll be around this christmas, so how bad could it be? 🙂

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