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I haven’t posted about any tv shows lately because nothing has been too compelling. Yes the stories have been good but nothing that made me stop and say wow. This week’s episode of Greys Anatomy finally gave me that wow moment.
I’ve been waiting a long time for Grey’s to get back to what it was in Seasons 1 and 2: a compelling, edge of your seat, leave you wanting for more, awesome show. Last season and the beginning of this season hadn’t impressed me nearly as much as the first 2 years. But this episode really brought it back!

Spoiler Alert of In The Midnight Hour:
In the beginning of the episode, Izzy still sees Denny, and it’s really freaking her out. My theory on this? I think that Denny is an angel of death, just like he was for Meredith. When he says, “I’m here for you” I think he means that in the literal sense. He’s literally there to guide her to the afterlife. I don’t want them to kill of Izzy’s character, so half me hopes I’m wrong. Or maybe they’ll do as they did with Meredith, and she’ll be on the brink and she’ll pull out of it. Either way, I’m hooked!

Then there are the murderous interns. This group puts the original cast to shame with their antics! Giving Meredith’s old friend an appendectomy WHILE SHE’S CONSCIOUS?! Without prior experience? Just ACK! And I really can’t stand Meredith’s friend, so much that I haven’t paid attention to her name. Dying is it? Something like that. Well the girl acts like she’s taking horse supplements or something for all the weird and crazy stunts she’s pulling. Cutting herself and asking to be sutured up, and then cutting her own stomach for her appendectomy. EW. I really can’t wait till she leaves the show-she just bugs me.

Finally, there is Alex. I love Alex:  always have, from the first season. I am sad that Izzy is so torn over everything, but I love that he’s there for her. It’s just like when Izzy found Denny, and Alex picked her up and carried her home. He’s the romantic, reluctant hero. Sigh.
I can’t wait for the next episode!

2 thoughts on “Grey's Anatomy In The Midnight Hour I Cried More More More

  1. I could not agree with you more, my dear! I, too, have been waiting for less suckage and more of what made us fall in love with Grey’s to begin with!
    Our sentiments here about Denny are the same, and I hate to think they’re going to kill Izzy off, but they DO keep axing everyone.

  2. I haven’t had a chance to watch it yet….I’ve been so busy. But I loved getting a big time spoiler from you. 🙂 I love Denny….he’s so adorable. I’m glad that he’s here to haunt her, and us all.

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