My laptop crashed

Last night I told the boy we need to make a wish list for each other for Christmas. He’s surprisingly hard to shop for and I want to make sure I get him something he really wants for our first Christmas together. I’m also trying to come up with a wish list for him and for my folks. Seems like every year I get things i don’t really want, or end up throwing away. Also I get a lot of candy in my stocking, and I’m going to request that no one give me any of that this year. I’ve gained way too much weight! Maybe I should ask for some Orovo all natural supplements in my stocking. Ha!

While we talked about Christmas gifting last night, I went to go make a list on my home laptop. That’s right about the time my home computer decided to DIE. One minute I was clicking on a web link, the next minute the computer was frozen. I rebooted it, and up popped the folder with the question mark. Any mac user will know this is the equivalent to the PC blue screen of death. I was so sad! My hard drive failed, and my Christmas video project along with it. Luckily I backed up most of my photos and videos onto my external, but still. That was at least 3 hours of work that I didn’t back up. Now I guess a new hard drive is on my list. Major bummer! Thank god I have a work laptop, so I can make a new project from scratch. Too bad my pc can’t load the pictures on my external drive.

So if anyone out there has a spare mac they want to loan me for the next month, I’d appreciate it. Hahah!

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