Obama Wins! Yes We Can Make a Change

I got tears in my eyes as I watched the news tonight, announcing that Barack Obama has officially won the 2008 Presidential Election. With the state our country has been in, I can’t help but feel a giant wash of relief over the outcome.

I was absolutely terrified of what could have been if McCain/Palin had won the election. I wasn’t as against McCain as I was Palin-I shudder to think of what that woman would have done being that close to being Commander in Chief. I think it would have made the last 8 years look mellow and carefree by comparison. But thankfully we can rest easy, knowing that we don’t have to worry about that crazy evangelist getting any more power than she already has.

And now, it is time to celebrate. Crack open the bubbly, uncork the wine, because we finally have a true leader!!

2 thoughts on “Obama Wins! Yes We Can Make a Change

  1. it really is amazing. its history, real history has been made. and I, am so proud, to have been a part of it. His speech was amazing, it teared me up. When I woke up today, and it was still true, it was not a dream…it was the most incredible feeling.

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