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Twilight holds a special place in my heart. My dear friend The Queen first brought the Twilight series into my life with one of her usual gifts for no reason. I got this book in the mail randomly back in March and I thought I would hate it. I’m completely terrified of scary things, and vampires are right up there in the scary category. But she insisted that I read it, and since she hasn’t steered me wrong yet, I gave it a try. I think by Chapter 2 or 3, where Stephanie Meyer first introduces us to the Cullens I was completely hooked. I tore through Twilight in record speed, and ordered the rest of the books online before I was even done (ordered New Moon for The Queen while I was at it!). So we were both hooked!

Then, as I was scoring the internet for all things Twilight related, low and behold they were making a movie about my beloved book. I couldn’t believe my good luck! So it has been quite the countdown for this movie.

Now, like any movie based on a book, there are going to be changes, and I was prepared for those. Like how Bella meets Jacob for starters was much different in the movie than the book. Also, some of Bella’s friends have much bigger parts in the movie than they did in the book. For instance, Eric was a very minor role in the book, but somehow in the movie he had all of these one liners. I think it was to add a little lightheartedness to the movie, but I thought his character was extremely cheesy. Still, it didn’t distract from the two favorite characters-Edward and Bella. I thought the casting was uncanny: he was exactly how I’d pictured him. And the rest of the Cullens too-they did an amazing job with casting, bravo.

My only real complaint with Twilight the movie was some of the underlying cheesiness of it. There were moments where it seemed that everything turned more playful when in the book it was really serious. I think to a point the director had to play it up for a diverse crowd, maybe some people watching that didn’t know the Bella/Edward saga, but I would have preferred it if they played up the suspense a little more.

Still, I loved this movie. I loved the scenery-it was shot in Oregon, my homestate (yay!) and it was beautiful. Also the cinematography was great; the way the camera would move around, sometimes spin around the characters. It made you feel like you were a part of the movie, and that the characters were real. Also, the music was incredible. Edward playing the piano for Bella-her lullaby was just what I heard in my head when reading the story. Also the chemistry between Edward and Bella felt so real, and I thought the actors did a great job with it. I can’t wait for the sequel, which I read is already in the works!
Here’s a prolonged movie trailer I found on youtube. It’s a little choppy but it shows a lot more of the movie. Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Twilight Movie Review

  1. (bats eyelashes) Oh Edward. (sighs) Robert Pattinson really stole my heart.–shhh…don’t tell my husband! I have loved Edward since book one and was afraid that whoever got cast wouldn’t be able to live up to my mind’s expectations. HOWEVER, Robert did. He’s gorgeous and mysterious. I could have muted the movie and loved it. ha! I agree that it was a bit cheesy in parts and I do hope that they bring more of the serious side to the next movie. However, overall it wasn’t disappointing at all. I think we’re only going to go up from here.

  2. I went to the movie knowing it could never live up to the book or what I pictured in my head. It wasn’t perfect but I found it very sweet. I felt the actors could have used more directing at times though. I am really looking forward to New Moon and hope it is a little better made.

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