Wild and Crazy Kids

In just a few short weeks my brother, sister in law will be staying with us, along with their two kids. Two, tow headed, rambuncious toddlers, who both walk, scream, and have the ability to get into trouble in under 2 seconds. I can’t wait to see my baby niece and nephew, but I’m terrified.

The boy and I are at that fun and carefree stage of our relationship. We’re very much in love but we are childless. That means our apartment has a fancy wooden chess set on it, and we have nice houseplants and ground level. We have breakable glass figurines on the shelves, and nothing is baby proof. I know this week long visit will give us a little taste of having babies in our lives, something we both want very much…eventually. I’m sure we’re not ready, and I know it’s going to be exhausting.

I’ve had a lot of talks about kids with my good friend Mama Drama, and they paint quite the picture. I can only hope that my three year old nephew doesn’t follow in Mama Drama’s four year old’s footsteps. allie takes troublemaking to a whole new level with her creativity. Just the other day MD was telling me how Allie had taken the mattress off her bed, propped it on its side and climbed up on top of it. That’s pretty creative in my opinion. So wish me luck this Christmas, and hope that the three and one year old will be on their best behavior, and don’t decide to use my new flat screen tv as a homemade sled or something!

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