All Done With My Christmas Shopping

We’re finally DONE with all the Christmas shopping. And it feels very good to be done. All I have to do is wrap a few gifts we bought over the weekend, and print out a few more photos for family members. It was harder this year because not only was I shopping for my family, but the boy’s as well.

We had to come up with one of those Secret Santa type gifts for the Christmas eve party we’re going to for my family. With a $15 limit, it’s hard to find a good quality gift. My friend said she knew of a great bottle of champagne for that price. Unfortunately with my family of recovered alcoholics, that would be about as appropriate as giving Fenterdren, one of the top diet pills, to my sister in law with the eating disorder. It just wouldn’t be a good idea! We ended up getting two starbucks giftcards to give. The game itself is a lot of fun: all the girls play a round, and then all the guys. You can pick a gift, or steal someone else’s, and this goes on a few rounds. What’s fun is that you don’t open the present, so you really don’t know what you’re stealing. You might have been fighting over some really hideous knicknacks that Grandma bought, or it could be soemthing that’s actually cool.

For the boy’s family’s gift exchange, they’re doing something similar, but with a larger dollar limit of $30. We decided to share the gift, and we ended up getting two decent bottles of wine. His side of the family doesn’t have anyone with any aversions to alcohol. In fact, they’re all huge fans of wine, so it makes it really easy to shop for them.

I’m really looking forward to Christmas, and all the holiday parties we’re going to. At the same time, I’m going to be very happy the day after Christmas, when all the chaos has passed, and we can just relax again.

One thought on “All Done With My Christmas Shopping

  1. So jealous that you’re done. I mean, I’m not very far from being done….but still. I’m mailing out my family’s secret santa gifts today. Then I need to just buy stocking stuffers, and gifts for our group of friends Secret Santa

    9 DAYS!!!

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