Can’t Wait to Move

Well it’s Monday and it’s back to work we went. It’s so hard to go back to work after having a holiday off, especially in the middle of the week like Christmas was. But the good news is this week is short too! Just two and a half days of work, and then New Year’s eve party time. Woohoo! Of course we really don’t have any plans yet-so far staying at home and drinking champagne we already have just might be our big plans.
We’re being low on spending cash lately because every penny we earn is going towards our big move at the end of January. I can’t wait to be out of this crappy apartment complex! We’re going to move to another apartment, but hopefully the rent will be cheaper, and the complex smaller. Anything is better than this dump in my opinion. I’m not asking for a fancy house with hardwood floors, bamboo shades and a two car garage. I’m just asking for a place where my neighbors don’t leave their entire old bedframe outside their apartment, sticking out to the point that I’m tripping over it as I climb the stairs. Really people? REALLY?
So the hunt is back on for apartments. We’re almost positive we’re going to move into this particular complex that is managed by the boy’s aunt, but we are still keeping our eyes open, just in case something better comes along before the 31st. I highly doubt we’ll find something as great as this place though.
This apartment complex is small, and the apartments are like little townhomes, and you don’t share walls on both sides like in most units. Also, we’re above our own garage, so we don’t have to worry about walking softly. Plus, it’s almost $400 cheaper than our place now, so we’re going to save save save!

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