Crazy Car Fire

I commute 30 minutes to work, so an hour round trip. Sometimes I get stuck in bumper to bumper traffic, especially on the way home. What I hate the most is when there isn’t even an accident, but for some inexplicable reason all the cars have decided it’s a great idea to go 30 miles per hour on the FREEWAY. Since I’ve been doing this commute for a long time now, I’ve developed a lovely case of road rage.

As I was driving home a few weeks ago, traffic was even slower than usual. In fact, at one point it was at a dead stop and of course I was fuming. That’s when I noticed smoke billowing up ahead, and realized that for once, traffic was stopped for a valid reason. There was a massive car fire on the opposite side of the road. Now, I hate “rubber neckers”, those people who slow down to stare at accidents, but I had to admit, I’d never seen such a bad fire. I am pretty sure everyone made it out ok, or at least I hope so. There were lots of people standing around, but no one looked like they were crying over a lost loved one. I happen to have a camera phone so I snapped a shot of the accident while I waited for the rubber neckers to pick up the pace. Crazy huh?

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