No More TV at Work

So it’s finally happened. My work has officially put the kibosh on all streaming data on the network. That means no more youtube, no more streaming music radion, and especially no more TV show watching. That means that I haven’t had a chance to watch the latest episode of the Office, or Grey’s Anatomy. So don’t tell me what happens!!
I don’t mind so much, this not being able to watch TV at work. Hell it was a luxury, and it was fun while it lasted. It makes me more productive, but really I only watched it when I wasn’t busy. It gets really slow on the helpdesk and what am I supposed to do with all of that downtime? I’ve just been blogging, and doing a lot of online window shopping. I like those cool Movado watches, and if I had the money I’d definitely grab one for another gift for the boy. I kind of wish my work had busy work for the down time. I hate the feeling of being unproductive. Also, it makes the day go really slowly, which is not fun on a Friday.

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