Routan Baby Contest!

Some of you guys might have gotten a kick out of my Routan Baby that I created a few posts back. Now for the first time on my blog, I’m pleased to offer a contest where you can win a few prizes from Volkswagen, as part of their Routan Campaign. If you haven’t seen the commercials, here’s one of my favorites.

So for the good stuff, the contest: Just comment on this post with what you look for in a new minivan or car and you could win a VW prize pack!

Here is what is inside the prize pack:

One (1) Book: “Welcome to Your World, Baby”, authored by Brooke Shields

Three (3) Volkswagen T shirts

One (1) Volkswagen branded tin

One (1) box of Kleenex tissues (new Antiviral kind)

One (1) package of Wet Wipes from Huggies (not pictured)

The contest will end at the end of this month. Good luck and remember, “have a baby for love, not for German engineering.”

3 thoughts on “Routan Baby Contest!

  1. I look for a car that is sporty yet practical. I want to love being in my car but know that it will also provide me safety. I want a car that is reliable and that I don’t constantly have to worry about breaking down. I just want to be able to not have to worry about much with my vehicle. I’m in my car so much that it just needs to be comfortable, safe, and reliable.

  2. I look for vans that aren’t your average “soccer mom” van. Being a young mom, I want something cool and stylish, but still spacious, comfortable, safe and practical! I don’t feel that I should have to sacrifice style and great engineering, just because I need the extra room!! I love vans with all the creature comforts and upgrades of luxury vehicles, like leather, heated seats and power EVERYTHING!! I like the convenience of fold down seats and automatic sliding doors for the days I have my hands full and need to haul lots of stuff!! The most important thing I look for is obviously safety… I want something that feels substantial and secure and that surrounds me and my passengers with airbags, just incase!! 🙂

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