The Lost Christmas Present

I thought I’d be a responsible little shopper and get all my Christmas shopping done early. I just have a few little things left to shop for, but other than that I am done. Or, I was done, until I realized that the big ticket item I bought for the boy got shipped to an old address I haven’t lived at in years. Maybe if the USPS had decent POS systems then we could track the item, but they said it’s impossible. I find that hard to believe. Either way, I’m sad because the package may not get returned to the sender, which means it may never find its way to me. So now I’m having to frantically search for something else to get him that can somehow top the super cool gift I already bought. Any suggestions? I could really use them!

2 thoughts on “The Lost Christmas Present

  1. Gah. I hate the post office. So many things got sent to me while I was gone last year that never made it to me and that could never be found. It really is amazing how bad it is. I feel for ya, i really do.

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