Working From Home

The boy has always talked about running a home based business together. I’m not sure we could ever pull it off though. I get to work from home sometimes because of the nature of my job, IT support. As convenient as it is, it’s also kind of stifling being stuck at home all day. I can’t imagine not getting up, getting ready and going to work on a regular basis. If I ever did work from home, I’d have to have a dedicated office, and I’d have to get up and dress for work every day. That way I wouldn’t feel like a lazy bum that never leaves the house.

I think I’d also have to go out to lunches or do some sort of activity on my lunchbreaks. The idea of not seeing people every day would probably get to me after awhile. Still, the amount of money I’d save in gas would be huge. Plus, what’s nice about my job is that the option is there in the future. So say we decided to move somewhere far away from the office, I’d probably still be able to keep my job, because I could do it all from the house. We’ll see-if the boy ends up getting a firefighting job in some other county, then I just might have to make the change.

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